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The application of whole genome, metagenomic sequencing to uncover the microbial diversity present in almost every environment is revolutionizing many aspects of biology. In particular areas of metagenomic research, the underlying biological knowledge exists and the potential user groups are sufficiently broad to necessitate the existence of specific databases with specialized search functionality. The microbiota found within humans and the human gastrointestinal tract particularly, represents one such area. From basic research, disease association and biomarker discovery to intervention through bacteriotherapy the importance of microbiota colonization to human health is continually emerging and represents and active area of research.

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HPMCD Published in Nucleic Acids Research
The paper is available here (Open Access).

New Species
207 new Bacterial Genomes Included

Database Update
HPMCD is now live.
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New Samples
84 new healthy metagenomic samples now included

New Samples
24 new healthy metagenomics samples now included.

New Species
42 new Bacterial Genomes Included