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Comparison Search

The comparison search functionality is designed to enable users to identify species that are dominant in a particular condition of interest.

This search functionality suits users that are interested in understanding the microbiota composition between two sets of samples. The search interface provides the ability to select these two groups based on numerous characteristics including health or disease state, age, gender and ethnicity.

An example of this search functionality is illustrated in the video and text tutorial included below.

Basic Search Functionality

An overview of the basic search functionality provided in the Comparison search is provided in the video above.

Search By Sample Functionality

A simple example to demonstrate searching by a particular sample identifier.

Single Group Search Functionality

Simple search to identify the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori in samples of Han Chinese origin.

Image Based Tutorial

To commence the search select "Comparison Search" from the navigation bar. The search form as shown below will be displayed.

Samples can be filtered using the search parameters shown in box 1. The samples that match the defined search criteria will be displayed to the right as a list.

To assign any sample to group 1 or group 2 select the blue or orange box as illustrated by the number 2.

As samples are added to each group this will be reflected in the group options (click '+' to expand if required). Groups can also be renamed by modifying the value in this box (illustrated by number 3). Groups will automatically be named Group 1 and Group 2 if alternate names are not provided.

To run the search press "Run Analysis" (4)

The search results are available by navigation panels below the main navigation bar. These are illustrated below.

More information can be found on other search functionality on the help page